Boye lab research being presented at ARVO 2015

Please stop by the following talks or posters being presented by members of the Boye lab:

“AAV-mediated rescue of a mouse model of X-linked Congenital Stationary Night Blindness”
Miranda White
Talk, 4:00-4:15, 1EF Mile High Ballroom

“Gene Therapy restores useful vision to a model of the LCA1 patient fovea, the all cone Nrl-/-GC1-/- mouse”. Shannon E. Boye, Ph.D.
Talk, Monday 4:45-5:00, 4AB Mile High Ballroom

“Rational Design of AAV Vectors for Efficient Transduction of Muller Cells”
Shreyasi Choudhury, Ph.D.
Poster, Tuesday 3:45-5:30, Exhibit Hall