The Boye Lab presents their work in 4 talks at ASGCT 2019!

Congratulations to Sean Crosson, Ph.D., Kaitlyn Calabro, and Russell Mellen for giving outstanding presentations at this year’s ASGCT meeting in Washington D.C.! Along with Dr. Boye, they rounded out 4 oral presentations at this year’s conference.

Sean Crosson ASGCT talk

Dr. Boye discussed her team’s efforts to develop novel AAV capsids that exhibit enhanced lateral spread following subretinal injection. These capsids will prove useful for efficiently delivering genes to cone photoreceptors without the need for foveal detachment during surgery.

Dr. Crosson expanded upon this talk by discussing the biophysical properties of these novel capsids and how they, and closely related variants, performed following both subretinal and intravitreal injection.

Kait Calabro ASGCT talk


Kaitlyn Calabro discussed her efforts to develop a dual AAV vector-based strategy for the treatment of MYO7A Usher syndrome (USH1B).


Russell Mellen ASGCT talk


Russell Mellen summarized his efforts to develop an AAV-CRISPR/Cas9- based treatment for autosomal dominant cone rod dystrophy (CORD6).


Congrats to all members of the Boye Lab for their hard work! BLM ASGCT